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Shop Policies and Basic Shipping Guidelines


Nov 9th, 2016

Please take a minute to read these basic guidelines, as we are a small shop and do things a little differently than some larger corporate chain-marketing-type businesses. We can serve you better by ensuring that the following is understood.

** Buying from Audio Pro: **
We carry a wide variety of audio equipment and parts. While we strive to keep our online database up-to-date, it is not automated and does not always reflect our current inventory, so please call or e-mail to confirm item availability. For quickest service, have the item ID # on hand. For small parts and pieces like motors, hinges, meters, etc, we may ask you to send us a picture of the part you are replacing on your machine (if it's broken), or the place where it should fit in or connect to your machine (if it's missing), to verify that they match.

** Return Policy: **
Please make sure the part number in our inventory is exactly the one you want. The manufacturers made many variations of similar parts. If you are in doubt, it is best to attach a photo of exactly what you need.

** Condition of Audioproz items: **
Unless described otherwise in the item listing, all items have been cleaned, serviced, and tested for correct functionality on a professional test bench, and are guaranteed to perform to spec on arrival. Items listed as parts are sold as is.

** Shipping: **

U.S. : Shipping is calculated based on weight for UPS Ground, but we can use your preferred carrier at your expense. We ship some smaller items in USPS flat rate Priority Mail boxes. We also welcome free pickup for buyers in the local Boston area.

Overseas shipping (USPS Only): Low value, small size items can ship USA post standard mail for a minimum of $14 to ship internationally. No tracking or insurance is available with this shipping method. A US Priority Mail small box (VHS/Beta size), or a padded 10x12 envelope, will be a minimum of $24 (also no tracking or insurance, but this service has shipped very successfully worldwide). International buyers are responsible for all tariffs, duties and taxes required by their country. We have over twenty years of experience packing sensitive audio gear to ship all over the world.

Tracking and Insurance: For items over $100, we highly recommend purchasing insurance. We are not responsible for uninsured items that are damaged in shipping. Small box/envelope US priority mail items cannot add insurance. Larger and more valuable items require medium flat rate or standard USPS priority service. Insurance is based on package weight and value. These services provide tracking ID and updated information until the package crosses the US border where it is handed off to the respective countries postage handler.

Shipping Address: Please be sure your address is correct and matches your PayPal account. Also, for orders outside of the US, it will help us if you explain the town vs. the district, state, county, etc.

Shipping Turnaround Times: Total time to pick, test, pack, and ship to your door. USA: 7 - 10 days. International: 10 - 14 days depending on your location.

** Tips on packing items for shipping: **
Due to several poorly shipped packages that we have received in the last few months, we have decided it is very important to remind clients to take careful consideration to how they pack their units when shipping to us. We have had some inadequately packaged items sent to us that have either been damaged in shipping, or were not up to any standard that we would feel safe return shipping in the original box that was sent. We add on a $10 surcharge for return shipping of items that we have to repack in our own box to ensure it arrives safely. To avoid this charge (which we sincerely hope everyone does) we just ask that the unit be packed well enough for us to return ship in the box and packaging in which it arrived to us. To give some idea of what we like to see in regard to box and packaging, we have outlined some Basic Shipping Guidelines:

- Oversize the box. Make sure there is plenty of room all around for adequate packing material (padding) to surround the unit, with extra attention and care given to metal corners, faceplates, switches knobs etc.

- Double box on items that are heavy, or require special attention due to shape (reel to reels, turntables in particular need to be packed very carefully). Corners can often get banged up in automated shipping machinery and delivery trucks. Having that extra layer is good insurance against damage in transit.

- Pack tightly. Please, fill all empty space with sufficient padding/packing material. If the contents of the box are free to shift and move around, the chance of damage occurring is significant.

- When in doubt, it is better to overpack than underpack. Better safe than sorry. Feel free to give us a call or email with any specific questions you may have about shipping a particular item, and we'll be happy to help.

- Update (2008-02-06): **Fed Ex Home Delivery Service Does not ship to us!!** Please do not ship anything using this service, as they always deliver to our shop on off hours and never leave tags. Ultimately the packages are returned to the shipper, and it is just a big waste of time and money.

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