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Guitar and Bass Amplifier Repair and Modification


Jun 22nd, 2016

Need your guitar or bass amp tuned up? We have always serviced tube and solid state amps. We now have a new technician especially dedicated to repairs, upgrades, and modifications to all types of guitar amps. Orange, Mesa Boogie, Fender, Marshall, Hughes and Kettner, Peavey, Ampeg, Gibson, Silvertone, etc. Quick turnaround time, dependable service, fair pricing and open communication. Those are some of the main concerns a musician has when having their amplifier repaired or modified. Whether a professional or amateur, not having access to their gear for an extended period of time is at the least, frustrating and at the worst detrimental to their work. Similarly, having assurance that their gear is going to work properly and can be relied upon is simply a necessity. And true to repair work and equipment servicing in any field, it's important for the customer to be able to see (or hear) where their money went and feel that they got what they paid for at a fair price.

What We offer:

- Repair, service and custom modification of tube and solid state amplifiers. I am experienced working on treasured vintage gems and on newer models.

- Quick turnaround time and clear communication when a particular service is going to require additional time.

- Quality work, thorough bench and play testing to ensure dependability in services and equipment.

- Open communication, providing estimates, explanations of work done or assisting with equipment, hardware or component selections are all important aspects of customer satisfaction. Additionally, approval is always sought before conducting any work not initially requested or incurring additional charges.

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