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Audio Proz has been in the Hi-Fi and Pro Audio business for over 40 years. The owner, Vince Naeve has worked for companies such as Apt, H.H. Scott, and KLH. We are a different kind of shop. We assist our customers by helping them choose the correct equipment for their application, with special attention to the serviceability, longevity and manufacturer support. We try to be competitive on prices for new products and all of our used items are fully serviced, calibrated and Warranteed. We do not stock cheap throw away electronics that are actually more expensive to own and needlessly pollute the environment.

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For the sake of efficiency, we require that sellers of equipment get some idea of the current market value of their gear BEFORE contacting us. This can be a range, a target price, or a minimum price. This way we don't waste any of your time if your asking price is more than we can pay as a servicing reseller. Once you have a list of the items to sell - including the make and model number, physical and operational condition, and your target price, fill out the form or email us. We will probably ask you some questions about the gear, then we can schedule an appointment. (Include your phone number so we can call you back). Please do NOT bring anything in unless it's been scheduled beforehand We are a small shop with very limited floor space.

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We service a wide range of products, from stereo receivers and consumer tape decks, to professional studio processors and reel recorders, turntables to hard disk recorders, field recorders and currently we are also doing guitar amps. Read More about our guitar and bass amplifier repairs and modifications here. We have a huge inventory of parts required for our service (tubes, transistors, caps, controls, etc). We take a comprehensive approach to repairs and specialize in restoring vintage Pioneer, Marantz, Harmon Kardon, and many others. Every repair is thoroughly cleaned, maintenanced and calibrated so your unit leaves with all functions working properly. We also do custom modifications to equipment such as Electrix Repeater, Apt Holman Pre Amp, Art Pro Channel, B2-Pro Mic and Speakers of all kinds.

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EveNing - Check out some samples from Vince's home studio recording project. These recordings are live takes recorded directly to DAT using Electrix Repeaters to loop rhythm and bass while Vince plays guitar, keyboards, Congas, etc. all real-time, all one shot, mainly improvised. He creates a new age/avant garde soundscape.

EveNing available to listen and download here.

EveNing Album Cover