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Friday, February 12th, 2016  
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VintageClick on Sale Price to inquire about item 
If you are having trouble finding parts, enter the name into our search bar at the top of the page.
43777 10" KLH Model 5 woofers 4ohm woofers, all sweep tested OK. Pair available, $68 each. #7 condition with signs of corrosion on magnet assemblies. $ 68
Contact Us
46544 Ampex AM10 MX10 3-position switch Appears to be the same part for either AM10 or MX10. Three position switch with two sets of contacts. Contact Us
23979 Ampex Meter Box Vintage Contact Us
49149 Dynaco A70 30watt per channel tube amp with recent set of EL34tubes and 7199 predrive tube. Unit has many updates done to improve reliability and fidelity. Shop engineering unit used to demonstrate updates of tubes. Good #7 cosmetic condition with obvious rust spots on chassis. SOLD
27660 Fisher 50-PR Phono preamplifier/equalizer, Mint Condition Cosmetically, Mono Vintage device in brown bakalite box with brass face plate, for 78 equalization, unit has powersupply upgrades, cleaned and serviced. $ 265
Contact Us
24632 H.H. Scott 314 Tuner Vintage Contact Us
19028 H.H. Scott 330C Tube AM/FM Tuner Vintage Contact Us
43238 HH Scott TR-12-18 vintage tube 606-609. Used pullout, tested. Power transformer for model (____?)
Most of our tubes are listed without pricing information. If you see something you like, make us a competitive offer and we'll sell them at a price that will make you happy!
Contact Us
45672 HH Scott Type 300 AM/FM tuner. Very good #8 condition overall with excellent #9 faceplate. FM is a little mushy, may need new tubes. Professionally cleaned and serviced, with new capacitors installed. Contact Us
27369 Kenwood KT-2001 AM/FM Stereo Tuner Excellent little tuner! Nice, simple, vintage Kenwood tuner. Front Panel: AM/FM auto/ FM mono selection, mpx noise filter, FM level meter display. Back Panel: RCA L/R output, AM/FM antenna terminals, built in AM antenna, 110/220v selection. Completely serviced and cleaned.

All our machines have been serviced in our shop to be guaranteed functioning and reliable well into the future. They are sold with service logs explaining the work performed on each individual unit. It is important to hold onto these service logs as they will provide valuable information to any tech servicing the machine in the future.
21649 KLH 24 Vintage Contact Us
49535 KLH Model 17 2way speakers Pair as totally original in very good #8 cosmetic condition. Real walnut veneer, brown and gold knit grills in excellent condition. Original woofers and tweeters, all sweep tested good. Treated woofs with fresh rubber treatment on textile surrounds. Excellent vintage fidelity with nice balance, or tweeter can be replaced upon customer request for improved hifi use. Sale price! Spare or substitute parts may be available. Show picture and number on unit. We make excellent spare part selections. SOLD
24902 KLH Model 18 Tuner Vintage Contact Us
49645 KLH Model 21 driver Vintage full range driver, treated, restored edge. Very good condition, sweep tested. $ 38
Contact Us
23251 KLH Model 24 Vintage Contact Us
Customers outside of the US, please note that international shipping can be costly. Take a look at our shipping policies for more information and estimates of prices and shipping time.
24900 KLH Speaker 15 Vintage SOLD
13098 Knight 6L6 Tube Amp Vintage Contact Us
46263 Lafayette Neutrodyne Late '20's to early '30's radio. Very good #8+ condition with very low wear, case and knobs truly a show piece, a very nice example of this era. Radio is about 18" long and 10" high. Contact Us
24200 Model 80 Wire Recorder Vintage Contact Us
44385 Quad Electroacoustics Manual Manual for Quad product line. Vintage. Green cover with flowers. Excellent condition. $ 20
Contact Us
20655 RCA Loudspeaker 100-A Vintage SOLD
19056 Scott 311B FM Tube Tuner Vintage Contact Us
19055 Scott LT-110 Wideband FM Multiplex Vintage Contact Us
38228 Scott LT-112B Tuner Excellent condition with black top case. Solid state but tube sounding machine. All Power supply and many capacitor update. Selected FM FET and circuit parts, super calibration alignment, excellent FM, tube-a-phonic sound. (2 missing gold knob cap, 2 caps are somewhat corroded) but otherwise excellent cosmetically. SOLD
44392 Scott Model 370 User Manual Operations manual for Scott 370 receiver. Complete in #8 condition with a rip on cover at upper right hand corner. $ 10
Contact Us
7657 Scott Stereomaster 233 Vintage. SOLD
43253 Tube Output transformer #562100 NEW STOC. For EL34 type tubes. EIA 606-543, for Fender and Marshall EL34 output. $ 40
Contact Us
 VintageClick on Sale Price to inquire about item 

Contact Information

All business at Audio Pro is currently by appointment only.
We're a very small and very busy shop, so please don't just drop in - call first to schedule an appointment, whether you're interested in service, rentals, consultations, or buying advice. Help us help you!

Phone: 617-926-8020
FAX: 617-926-8707
Postal address: 779 Mt. Auburn St., Watertown, MA 02472
Electronic mail: sales@audioproz.com

Our hours are:

Monday (12 noon - 6pm),
Tuesday by appointment only,
Wednesday through Friday (11am - 7pm),
and Saturday from (11am - 3pm)
We are closed on Sundays.

** Employment Opportunity - Technician Needed (2015-04-06) ** We are currently looking for a Technician, with experience in Audio. Inquire Here or call us directly for more details.

** Shipping Guidelines Update (2015-04-06) **
Please do not ship any packages to us using the Fed Ex Home Delivery Service , the packages will not arrive. They only attempt to deliver during our off hours and do not leave tags. We have tried several times to remedy the situation but they seem to have an unusually hard time with the concept. For more details about our shipping policies Read Our Shipping Guidelines Here or call us directly.

** Return Policy: **
Please make sure the part # in our inventory is exactly the one you want. The manufacturers made many variations of similer parts. If you are in doubt, it is best to attach a photo of exactly what you need.

** Condition of Audioproz items: **
Unless described otherwise in the item listing, all items have been cleaned, serviced, and tested for correct functionality on a professional test bench. Items listed as parts are sold as is.


Friday, February 12th, 2016  
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