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(2) Motors

Audio Proz Inv #: 59118

RF-500TB-14415. 9/10 condition. $22 each.

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Audio Proz Inv #: 58725

Laser sled transport. 9/10 condition, pulled from low use machine, tested and in working condition.

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DBX DX5 parts

Audio Proz Inv #: 48427

Parts for hobbyist, deck is missing top cover. Black face version.

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Denon DCM-460 CD player

Audio Proz Inv #: 56114

Motor. RF - 500TB - 14415. PO 82 78 18. Has original nylon pulley. Salvaged from working machine. Tested/oiled. 9/10 condition.

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Denon DCM-460 CD player

Audio Proz Inv #: 56115

Motor, PB7, 225, has original black nylon pulley. From working unit. Tested/oiled. 9/10 condition.

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Denon DUM 1815 motor

Audio Proz Inv #: 59343

Mitsumi M31E-1, 9/10 condition tested and low use.

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Audio Proz Inv #: 60327

MOTOR 12VDC 2000-4000 RPM CCW. Tested, Working, oiled, #9 condition.

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Gemini CD-210 Dual Pro CD Player

Audio Proz Inv #: 55665

For parts. Appears intact, missing right pitch control knob and connector cable.

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Harman Kardon CDR 20 parts deck

Audio Proz Inv #: 45930

Dual CD player/burner FOR PARTS. CD burner is nonfunctional, CD tray is a good assembly for replacement part. Very good #8 condition parts deck.

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Harman Kardon CDR-26 parts

Audio Proz Inv #: 50299

Parts unit, will not power up. Unknown condition, untested, may be good for parts/hobbyist use. CD transport probably easily salvageable.

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Harman Kardon FL8450

Audio Proz Inv #: 55243

Laser sled assembly, with all motors, etc. KSS-210A laser. Salvaged, tested OK, #8+

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FYI, Around the database you will often see us describe the condition of units on a scale of 1-10. #10 would mean the product is new from one of our suppliers, such as Behringer, Audio Technica, etc. #9 means the product is in perfect condition but is used, #8 implies there are some minor cosmetic scratches but unit is mechanically perfect, and so on and so forth.

Harman Kardon FL8450

Audio Proz Inv #: 55445

Motor: RF-500TB-14415. CD platter loading motor.

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Harman Kardon remote for FL-8450

Audio Proz Inv #: 55318

remote for modern HK CD. Condition 9

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Audio Proz Inv #: 59342

Lense/laser assembly KSS-210A. Chassis KSM-2101 AAM. Complete unit with lense, laser, connectors and motors mounted on board. Motors are 2 Mabuchi RF-310T-11400 D/V 4.0 and D/V 5.9. Customer must reuse existing cable. Condition #9

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Audio Proz Inv #: 54981

CD burner. XLR in, AES in, optical I/O, coaxial I/O, line I/O. Possibly off alignment. Laser optics and mechanics low use. Worth the main board, possible to make one perfect unit.

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HHB CDR74 Gold

Audio Proz Inv #: 49650

74min/650mb "Gold" blank CD media. 1-8x speed. Nine pieces available.

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HHB CDR80 Silver

Audio Proz Inv #: 49651

80min/700mb blank CD media. 1-12x speed. Many available.

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Customers outside of the US, please note that international shipping can be costly ($14-16 minimum for anything larger than an envelope). Take a look at our shipping policies for more information and estimates of prices and shipping time.

Intraclean 121 CD cleaner

Audio Proz Inv #: 48508

CD cleaning system with rotating mechanism for radial, even-pressure cleaning. New in box, with cleaning fluid included. Three pieces available.

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JVC FS-2000

Audio Proz Inv #: 61146

Ultra compact component system, had a repair problem, not fully functional, being sold for parts

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Audio Proz Inv #: 55231

Remote for most modern JVC multi-disc CD players. Missing battery cover, #8-

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JVC UX-7000R

Audio Proz Inv #: 58498

CD AM/FM Radio mini system. 230 volt system. Includes remote RM-RXU7000R. 7/10 condition, with repaired parts.

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Audio Proz Inv #: 58202

6 CD cart pack, with white cover

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JVC XL-R5000

Audio Proz Inv #: 58131

Multi disk and CD burner. Low use unit. Appears to have failed CD burner, not certain however. 9/10 condition (Excellent condition but failed.)

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Audio Proz Inv #: 40501

No remote. No drawer; motor open. Has 2901 IC JRC. Basic, good quality machine. Plays difficult and damaged discs well. Good #7 cosmetic condition, very good #8 overall. Professionally cleaned, serviced, tested.

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Kenwood CDM-800 6 disc cartridge

Audio Proz Inv #: 45266

Six disc magazine works with most Kenwood 6-disc CD players. Tested in working in #8 condition with some obvious use wear.

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