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Welcome to AudioProz.com

Sunday, February 14th, 2016  
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AudioProz.com has been in the Hi-Fi and pro audio service and sales business for 25 years. We offer a wide range of products and services from consumer tape decks to professional studio processors, turntables to hard disk recorders, radios to mini-disc players. We also do modifications to equipment such as Electrix Repeaters and DigiTech Time Machines.

The owner, Vince Naeve, has worked for companies such as Apt, H. H. Scott, and KLH. We are a different type of shop. We assist our customers by helping them choose the right piece of equipment for their application. Audioproz.com tries to pick equipment based on longevity and serviceability, as well as equipment which is supported by its manufacturer.

Read a letter from the owner, Vince Naeve, to learn a little more about what we do and our business philosophy.

Hear what our customers have to say.

All business at Audio Pro is currently by appointment only.

We're a very small and very busy shop, so please don't just drop in - call first to schedule an appointment, whether you're interested in service, rentals, consultations, or buying advice. Help us help you!

*** Contact Info Here ***

audio pro logo Due to the forces of market changes and restrictions of certain model types from manufacturers, the product names that we have listed here will allow some reselling with warranties, while special production runs have exclusive marketing rights by certain retailers. Our endeavor is to help choose what we consider to be the better products from these manufacturers, maintain warranty status and do in house QC and support.
AKG, Alesis, Alysiss, Aphex, ART, Astatic, Audio Technica, Audix, Auralex, BBE, Behringer, Bellari, Beyer Dynamic, Boston Acoustic, CAD, Conquest, Dayton, Denon, Digitech, Electro Voice, Fostex, GLI, Harmon Kardon, H&B, Heil, HHB, Jay Turser, JVC, Korg, Kyocera, Last, Lexicon, Mackie, Marshall (MXL), Maxell Tape, Neumann, Nady, On Stage, Panasonic, Phonic, Presonus, Quantegy, Rane, Revox, Rotel, Samson, Sennheiser, Shure, SoundTech, Stanton, Studiologic, Symetrix, Teac, TC Electronics, Thorens, TL Audio, Toshiba, Yamaha, Yorkville, Zoom
Along with all our used and modified equipment, we can order any new products from any of the companies listed above. If you are interested in a product from one of our suppliers that is not in our online inventory, just inquire here. We will try to match any price from a legitimate dealer.

How do I buy an item listed on your website?   (Update)May 1st, 2015
We don't have an online shopping cart yet, so we currently process payments through PayPal. If you're interested in a part or machine you've found on our site, just click the "Contact Us" link that's in the far right column of the listing. This will start an e-mail with the item ID number/name pre-filled in the subject line. In the body of the e-mail, feel free to ask us any questions you might have, and include your zip code so we can calculate shipping. Once we receive your e-mail and verify that the item is in stock, we'll reply with any relevant information that you requested or we just think you should know, along with a link to complete the order through PayPal.

It may take us one or more business days to get back to you - we are a small shop and are closed on Tuesdays and Sundays - but we try to answer every e-mail we receive. Before you check out through PayPal, you may want to take a look at our shop policies.

You can also call us at (617) 926-8020 to talk to someone in person, and although PayPal is easiest, we can also complete orders over the phone if you pay by Visa or MasterCard. We are always happy to answer questions and provide advice. ...Read More
TechnicianApr 6th, 2015
Are you a consumer oriented audio electronics technician living in the Boston, MA area? If so, we would like to talk to you about an opportunity as a technician in our shop. We are looking for someone who is passionate about Hi-Fi and pro audio, and has a vast knowledge of audio electronics, from reel to reel tape recorders to digital effects processors, from tubes to transistors, and everything in between. We don't look for licenses, degrees, or certificates; we are looking for someone with a vision, a desire to keep on top of the latest technology, without forgetting the vintage roots. If this is you, email us, or give us a call - (617)926-8020 - and talk to Vince (the owner) about this position in a one of a kind shop.
Interested in selling your old gear to Audio Pro? Read this!   (Update)Jul 24th, 2014
We receive a lot of inquiries from people who are trying to sell their unwanted old or new audio equipment to us. The process is a little complicated, so we hope that this article will clarify a few things. Please read this first before calling or e-mailing! ...Read More
Concerning the condition of our microphones.Oct 3rd, 2012
Lately we've received plenty of emails asking about the condition of our used mics and processors. Every unit we have for sale here is the prime pickings of units we've picked up, they have all been benched, fully tested and polished. Unless otherwise explicitly noted, our mics and processors are ready to deliver stellar and reliable performance. Indeed, you can buy with confidence from Audio Pro.
Condition Descriptions and Photo RequestsOct 1st, 2012
The service and repair of our customers’ equipment is our most important labor, therefore we are not able to fulfill every photo request we receive (nor would a photo qualify what’s vital here, the internal components!). AudioPro has been in this business for better than thirty years, we have a tremendous reputation, and we take great care to accurately describe the mechanical and cosmetic condition of all items. We rate equipment on a scale from one to ten. #10 items are new stock in original box. (Anything we ship has been opened and tested.) #9 units, regardless of age, look and work as good as new, technically qualified with very low use time (perfect face plate, no overheated power supply or damaged connectors). #8 units are in very good condition, serviced and guaranteed working correctly, but do show minor signs of use such as rack wear or very light scratches on a cover, edge, or knob. #7 condition items are working correctly but show obvious signs of use and wear as described. Often such items have faded lettering or minor stains, and connectors may be lightly oxidized. For example, tube electronics seldom get better than #7 or #8 rating. Items rated #6 condition or lower may be incomplete or have operational problems and typically do not appear on our website. We have a large inventory of “junk” #6 and lower machines that we save to break down for parts, so please feel welcome to contact us for any specific parts you need.

Our policy is to search out only top quality condition machines, so most of our equipment truly is #9 condition. We aren’t Ebay or Craigslist, and we don’t find good equipment there!
Equipment Rental List and PricesSep 30th, 2012
At Audioproz, we specialize in renting equipment for sound reinforcement or recording purposes. Generally rentals are daily, weekend, or weekly depending on needs. A general guideline of equipment we rent and prices is here. Please give a call to let us know what you need so we can put a package together for you in advance and have it ready to pick up at the door. After rental has been confirmed, call again when you are coming in to pick up your rental so that we can have it ready to load for you at the front of the shop. This makes things easier for everyone, Thanks. Also, if you do not see what you are looking for in our rental list, inquire about what you need. We often have items for rent that are not listed and are usually able to meet your requirements.
Final version Art MPA Pro Modified Preamp is now available - Online Manual now available.Sep 12th, 2012
Vince's Modified ART MPA Pro Preamp is a one of a kind. Read more about it here. Also we are posting the first version manual for those who are interested, a final version will be available soon, but for now... Current version ART MPA Pro Mod Manual.
CAD (A Short Note Concerning our CAD e70 Microphones)   (Update)Sep 12th, 2012
These CAD e70 microphones are simply amazing! Simply put, they will compete with any similar design on the market at any price. Vince has compared them at the test bench against the fanciest stuff out there, including Neumann and AKG. Since they are a higher output mic, the self noise can read slightly higher off the spec report, but the extra 4 to 6dB of output signal level easily makes up for this self noise. The e70 is a better mic with wider bandwidth and truly does 20Hz to 20kHz! It is a favorite for acoustic instruments, especially large body guitars, upright bass, and drums. The quality of low end definition is remarkable, picking up more pluck and deep thump of sonic impact than most vintage mics, which in fact have limited low frequency response. (Just read the manufacturers’ specs data and it will be obvious that bass roll off occurs below 100Hz to 70Hz in most older mics.) Be aware that microphones which truly pick up such deep bass can also be more sensitive to room noise, rumble from street noise, etc. With this in mind, the e70 comes equipped with pads and roll-off switches to limit its sonic pickup to sound more similar to vintage mics if desired. We QC all these microphones on the bench and cherry pick only the very best. ...Read More
Studio BUY OUT!   (Update)Jul 28th, 2008
All good condition, freshly added to our shelves. Search in our database by product name or contact us for current availability. ...Read More
Shipping Procedure UpdateFeb 6th, 2008
Please do not ship any packages to us using the Fed Ex Home Delivery Service, the packages will not arrive. They only attempt to deliver during our off hours and do not leave tags. We have tried several times to remedy the situation but they seem to have an unusually hard time with the concept. For more details about our shipping policies Read Our Shipping Guidelines Here, or call us directly.
Video Interview with Vince by Len EdgerlyNov 9th, 2007
Local documentary director and journalist Len Edgerly stopped into our shop the other day to purchase some equipment and was impressed enough with the contrast between our style and that of the corporate audio world, that he asked if he could do an impromptu video interview with Vince. Within a few minutes the camera was rolling, and by the next morning his interview was online. Len apparantly does not mess around. See Video Clip here.
Vince's CollectiblesNov 10th, 2006

Besides being an avid collector of audio equipment, Vince has also built up a unique and interesting assortment of collectibles of all varieties. We thought it might be interesting to start including some of these on our website for you to peruse. Variety is after all the spice of life, is it not? Vince's Collectibles Here.
New Bargains, check Bargain Bin Section!!!Jul 21st, 2006
This is a new section for stuff we are finding in the basement as we clear out our inventory, which we just don't have time to service or test, or we are just pricing to sell quickly. This is all buy as is (unless noted that it is known to be in good working condition), maybe it works, maybe not, we don't really know and just need to get it out of here cheap. If you really want us to check it out and QC we can do that, but will have to charge for labor, otherwise get it for cheap. A lot of this stuff really just needs a cleaning and nothing more. Check Bargain Bin Here
ART Preamp Mod Update, Lots of new inventory added (New, Used, and Modified)Jun 7th, 2006
We have added hundreds of new items to our database during the last couple months (yes, we still have a way to go till we have it ALL listed, but if you don't find something, just email or give a call.)

Also due to popular request Vince has decided to gear up to do a batch of fully modified ART PRO MPA Mic Preamp +, ...read more.
New Services, Mods, and ProductsJan 18th, 2006
Over the Holidays we have turned over quite a bit of inventory. We have many additional new and used items that have been/will be added in the upcoming weeks, along with new modifications and upgrades which will be listed in more detail as we catch up on the website here. Including extended repeater mod and new low price (see here). So keep and eye out, thanks for stopping by. Oh, and Happy New Year!!!
Audio Electronic Business for Sale or Joint Partner   (Update)Jan 1st, 2005
Here is your chance to purchase or partner with a well established audio electronic shop in the Boston area. Audio Pro in Watertown, MA has been in business for almost 25 years repairing and selling audio electronic equipment. We reside in a large rented space with an extremely spacious basement. There are 3 service benches complete with test equipment and tools with two desks for office use totaling 2400 square feet. There is wood shelving from the front of the store to the back which creates slightly cramped conditions. But this is due to 20 years of accumulating units, parts, and rental equipment. ...Read More
About Us   (Update)Jan 1st, 2005
A Letter from the Owner Vince Naeve

People have been commenting about some chatter being posted on the web. A long time friend and customer has recently made me aware of this. As usual, in this world of sound bytes and quick words taken out of context, I feel people have read me incorrectly, or more over, have not understood a deeper realization about the recording or Hi-Fi industry and the equipment they transact ...Read More

Contact Information

All business at Audio Pro is currently by appointment only.
We're a very small and very busy shop, so please don't just drop in - call first to schedule an appointment, whether you're interested in service, rentals, consultations, or buying advice. Help us help you!

Phone: 617-926-8020
FAX: 617-926-8707
Postal address: 779 Mt. Auburn St., Watertown, MA 02472
Electronic mail: sales@audioproz.com

Our hours are:

Monday (12 noon - 6pm),
Tuesday by appointment only,
Wednesday through Friday (11am - 7pm),
and Saturday from (11am - 3pm)
We are closed on Sundays.

** Employment Opportunity - Technician Needed (2015-04-06) ** We are currently looking for a Technician, with experience in Audio. Inquire Here or call us directly for more details.

** Shipping Guidelines Update (2015-04-06) **
Please do not ship any packages to us using the Fed Ex Home Delivery Service , the packages will not arrive. They only attempt to deliver during our off hours and do not leave tags. We have tried several times to remedy the situation but they seem to have an unusually hard time with the concept. For more details about our shipping policies Read Our Shipping Guidelines Here or call us directly.

** Return Policy: **
Please make sure the part # in our inventory is exactly the one you want. The manufacturers made many variations of similer parts. If you are in doubt, it is best to attach a photo of exactly what you need.

** Condition of Audioproz items: **
Unless described otherwise in the item listing, all items have been cleaned, serviced, and tested for correct functionality on a professional test bench. Items listed as parts are sold as is.

Welcome to AudioProz.com

Sunday, February 14th, 2016  
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